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The American Museum of Natural History recently created Shelf Life, an original series about the history and importance of scientific collections. They asked me to share the series with other science enthusiasts via social media, but after watching the video for the first episode, "33 Million Things," I couldn't resist talking a little more about what Shelf Life is. Read the infographic below to get a short preview of what you can see and learn from Shelf Life.

Got an idea? Tell me.
But here's the catch. I'm a molecular biologist. That means I need help if you want me to make an infographic about quantum physics (or any other field outside my expertise). So here's how to do it:

  1. Find a scholarly article(s) to base the infographic on.
  2. Summarize the rationale and conclusions of the research
  3. Define 5 or less terms necessary to understand the research
  4. If you're fancy, make an infographic yourself--you will be attributed.
  5. Submit it through the form below.



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