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Article: Wang L, Waltenberger B, Pferschy-Wenzig EM, Blunder M, Liu X, Malainer C, Blazevic T, Schwaiger S, Rollinger JM, Heiss EH, Schuster D, Kopp B, Bauer R, Stuppner H, Dirsch VM, & Atanasov AG (2014). Natural product agonists of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARĪ³): a review. Biochemical pharmacology PMID: 25083916 [Full Text (HTML)]

Suggested By: Dr. Atanas G. Atanasov.
                              Principal Investigator 
                              Department of Pharmacognosy, Vienna

Got an idea? Tell me.
But here's the catch. I'm a molecular biologist. That means I need help if you want me to make an infographic about quantum physics (or any other field outside my expertise). So here's how to do it:

  1. Find a scholarly article(s) to base the infographic on.
  2. Summarize the rationale and conclusions of the research
  3. Define 5 or less terms necessary to understand the research
  4. If you're fancy, make an infographic yourself--you will be attributed.
  5. Submit it through the form below.



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